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Welcome to Brave New Yoga

My name is Amanda Upton and I teach women how to start and maintain a life-changing home yoga practice, regardless of ability or experience level.

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This guide will walk you through 3 simple strategies that will get you on your mat....on a regular basis...starting today! 

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Do you want a home yoga practice but are having a hard time getting started or don't know where to begin?

I can help you! Here's what I offer:

Hi, I'm Amanda

After teaching yoga for over 16 years I turned my attention from teaching studio style classes to supporting beginner to seasoned practitioners with establishing a home practice as I discovered an educational void around the HOW TO's of creating a daily practice.  So I founded Brave New Yoga, which weaves together teachings on mindset, habits, and motivation with yoga, meditation, and creativity practices to help women create a meaningful and sustainable home practice. 

I live in Southern Vermont with my husband Justin, 5-year old daughter Daisy, golden retriever Henry, and our two cats Daryl and Rosie.


Meet Amanda

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A Home Practice Can Change Your Life

A stronger and more flexible body, a renewed sense of purpose, and an empowered way of living are waiting for you.

Get My Home Practice Starter Guide

And learn SIMPLE strategies that will lead to BIG results in your life.

Benefits of A Home Practice:

  • You learn how to create a sanctuary at home where you can go to when life feels overwhelming, exhausting, or too much.
  • You build strength, flexibility, balance, and endurance from the comfort of your home (Gyms and studios closed due to covid?  No problem - you have your home practice to lean on!)
  • You learn more about who you are, what you want, and the next right step for you to take in your life. 
  • You learn how to listen to the voice within and make decisions from that place of deep knowing.
  • You learn how to seek opportunities to give love - to yourself and others - so that you can change the energy within you and around you.

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