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Refill Your Well

A Two-Part Live Online Workshop for Mamas
Taught by Amanda Upton

Nurture your mind, body and soul with this two-part workshop that will calm your mind, release tension in your body, reconnect you with your vibrancy, and refill your well.

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Welcome to Brave New Yoga

My name is Amanda Upton and I teach women how to start and maintain a life-changing home yoga practice, regardless of ability or experience level. 

And it only takes 10-minutes a day.

If you are ready to have more energy, be clearer on your purpose and direction, and just plain feel better...then stick with me.  I can help you. I offer simple strategies, fun practices, and loads of support.

I am so glad you're here!


Shift Your Energy Now

Get a FREE 10-minute yoga practice [video] that will decrease your stress and tension, clear your mind, and increase your energy!

A Home Practice Can Change Your Life

A stronger and more flexible body, a renewed sense of purpose, and an empowered way of living are waiting for you.

Benefits of A Home Practice:

  • You learn how to create a sanctuary at home where you can go to when life feels overwhelming, exhausting, or too much.
  • You build strength, flexibility, balance, and endurance from the comfort of your home (Gyms and studios closed due to covid?  No problem - you have your home practice to lean on!)
  • You learn more about who you are, what you want, and the next right step for you to take in your life. 
  • You learn how to listen to the voice within and make decisions from that place of deep knowing.
  • You learn how to seek opportunities to give love - to yourself and others - so that you can change the energy within you and around you.

Download My Home Practice Starter Guide

And learn 3 SIMPLE strategies that will lead to BIG results in your life.  

Hi, I'm Amanda

After teaching yoga for over 16 years I turned my attention from teaching studio style classes to supporting beginner to seasoned practitioners with establishing a home practice as I discovered an educational void around the HOW TO's of creating a daily practice.  So I founded Brave New Yoga, which weaves together teachings on mindset, habits, and motivation with yoga, meditation, and creativity practices to help women create a meaningful and sustainable home practice. 

I live in Southern Vermont with my husband Justin, 5-year old daughter Daisy, golden retriever Henry, and our two cats Daryl and Rosie.


Meet Amanda

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I am so glad you are here.