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Try this SIMPLE approach to creating abundance

Nov 02, 2021

 I want to share a simple strategy that will help you create and live in more abundance but want to give you some backstory first...

For years I dreamt about:

  • Having a home that was warm, a home where I could walk around barefoot and in a t-shirt versus wearing a sleeping bag suit in an effort to be warm (see pic above 😂).  
  • Being an entrepreneur, having my own business, and defining my work.
  • Having my very own space in my home where I could work and exercise and meditate and write.  

I put each of these things on vision boards. I talked about them, envisioned them, and wrote about them in my journals.  I wanted them so so bad.

Now that I have each of these things, I have found that I often forget how bad I wanted them and simply yearn for something else.  I just want more.  And this type of wanting feels never-ending and often unfulfilling.

This kind of wanting is rooted in scarcity or never having enough.  And frankly, I don't like it.  It doesn't feel good.  

So I've decided to drop the always-wanting-something-else attitude for something more interesting and satisfying.  I am practicing wanting what I currently have.  And it feels revolutionary.  It feels amazing.  It feels ABUNDANT!!! 

When I look around my life and say "YES, I want this thing I already have." my life feels fuller and I am also finding I have more trust that there will always be enough.

I've done the scarcity mindset for long enough and I am ready for a new perspective.  If you are too, I encourage you to try this practice of actively wanting what you already have. 

Here's how you do that: simply write down 3-5 things you want that you already have.  You can do this once or everyday or just when you find yourself obsessing over a lack of something.  

Try this practice on and let me know how it feels.

Cheers to wanting what we already have!



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