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How to Make a Self-Care Kit

Nov 04, 2021

You know those days when you feel stressed and you know you need to do something for yourself to feel better but you just don't know what to do?  Or those days when you have 10 minutes of unscheduled time and you'd like to do something other than scroll Instagram? 

A self-care kit is the answer!  This nifty little box is a place where you can keep the things that help you connect with yourself and recharge....in just a few minutes!

The idea is to have all of your favorite self-care items together in one convenient place so that it's ready and waiting when you need it most.  Like those times when bedtime with the kiddos is HARD or you want to take 5 minutes of self-care before bed.

Make Your Kit

First, grab a box, basket, or container of any kind to store your self-care items in.  You can use something you already have at home, or buy a container to designate as your self care kit.

Next, think about the things you enjoy doing, and the items that bring you comfort.  Self-care is personal, so customize your box with your very favorite things.

Here are 24 ideas of things you could include:

1. Favorite DVDs - Watching your favorite movie or TV show can be a great source of comfort and support.  Of course you can stream a lot of shows and movies online, but having them on dvd makes it super convenient and reliable.  Try including a favorite childhood movie or series for that extra comfort factor.

2. Tea - A warm, soothing drink like tea or hot chocolate can be very relaxing to sip on. 

3. Notebook and Pens - Be sure to include a notebook in your self care box.  That way you can journal your thoughts, doodle, braindump, or write a list of your dreams or goals.

4. Favorite Candle - Your sense of smell is incredibly powerful, and a familiar scent can be super comforting.

5. Gift Card - While you can practice self-care at home, it would be such a nice treat to include a gift card in your kit so you can take yourself out!  A $5-10 gift card for a local coffee or ice cream shop is really fun.

6. Manicure Kit - If you enjoy pampering and grooming, you could include a manicure set and nail polish into your self-care kit.

7. Book - Include your favorite novel (or one you’ve been meaning to start).  A book of short stories, a magazine, fancy catalog, or anything else you like to read is perfect too.

8. Fuzzy Socks - Soft, warm socks just have a way of grounding us.  Plus, it’s really hard to relax if your feet are cold!

9. Essential Oils - Lavender essential oil has a calming influence, and can set the right tone for your self-care experience.  You can use it in a roller ball, or put it in your essential oil diffuser.

10. Headphones - A good pair of headphones or earbuds is perfect when you’re trying to have some ‘me time.’  Especially if they’re noise cancelling!  You can tune out any other noise in your house, and listen to whatever you want instead.

11. Stuffed Animal - If you have a cuddly stuffed creature you love, that’s exactly what you need in your self care kit.  It really is comforting to have something to hold in your arms. A body pillow also works, but it might not fit in your box!

12. Yoga Mat - Stretching or doing some simple yoga poses can really help ground you when you’re feeling stressed.  If your box is big enough add a mat (there are foldable mats available too!)

13. Snack - Comfort food like dark chocolate or a crunchy snack is a nice treat to add to your kit!  You can munch on it while you read or watch a movie.

14. Bath Bomb - A hot bath with bubbles, salts, or bath bombs is certainly a nice way to relax.  Put your favorite bath and beauty products together, and keep them together in your self-care kit.

15. Blanket - If your box is big enough, add in a soft blanket. A heated throw or weighted blanket is especially comforting.

16. Bubbles or Play-Doh - Blowing bubbles and playing with Play-Doh is surprisingly relaxing. Seriously! Don’t knock it ‘til you try it.  The bubbles have the added benefit of helping you with deep breathing. And squishing the Play-Dough is just plain fun.

17. Eye Mask - There are a few different kinds of eye masks you could include.  A cooling mask feels really nice, and can support puffy eyes.  Then there’s the eye pillow kind that blocks out the light. There are also heated eye masks, which are very soothing and help with headaches.

18. Coloring Book - Coloring is a creative outlet, and gives your hands something to do.  The adult coloring books are more challenging, but I actually enjoy using kids’ books.  Don’t forget to add in some crayons or coloring pencils too!

19. Massager - A shiatsu heated massager is really nice on sore or stiff muscles.  You can use it on your neck, back, feet, or legs to loosen up.

20. Playlist - In the olden days, we would’ve put a cd (or mixed tape!) with our favorite playlist in a self care box.  These days, it’s harder to add a playlist to your kit.  But you could keep a written list of songs, YouTube videos, or stand up comedy routines you love to listen to.

21. Small Games - A Rubix cube, handheld game, yoyo, or tennis ball to bounce is a good way to occupy your hands while you relax.  You could also do a word, number, or brain puzzle. Or even a jigsaw puzzle.

22. Tissues - If you plan to read or watch something emotional, or just need a good cry, tissues are a good addition to your box.

23. Heating Pad - There’s just something very soothing about a heating pad.  It helps your aches and pains, while making you feel very cozy.  I also like to use a neck heating pad for neck stiffness. The weight of it is also relaxing on your shoulders.

24. Body Scrub - Using a body scrub in a warm shower will leave your skin feeling SO soft. And make you feel very pampered!  You can also include a lip scrub for the full spa treatment.


Ready to create a self care kit?

I hope these ideas have inspired you to make your own self-care kit.

You can pull the box out whenever you need to some time to connect with yourself. All your favorite things will be together in one convenient place.

You can also use these ideas to put together a self-care gift basket for someone.


I'd love to see all the goodies you put in your self-care kit!  Take a pic and post it on social media (don't forget to tag me @bravenewyoga)!

Have fun!



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