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Kick Negative Thoughts To The Curb

Nov 09, 2021

It’s November. This is often when we hear people say, “We have 2 months left of 2021, get those goals met!!”  Ugh, this can feel so overwhelming.

So I want to share a simple practice with you to help you stay calm, focused and believing that you are doing enough.

The practice is repeating Mantra's.  Before I just give you some mantras to practice I want to explain how mantras work when it comes to calming the mind and releasing stress.  To do that we need to talk about the brain first (don't worry this will be short and sweet).

Your brain is a belief engine.  What that means is that your beliefs are formed by repeating the same thoughts over and over again.  Once you form a belief, you then look for evidence to support that belief. Your brain is always seeking to find meaning in the information that is poured into it.  And it will often blind itself to anything that is contrary to the belief. 

For example, if you believe you...

  • Are unworthy of someone’s love or affection...
  • Can’t manage your time well...
  • Can’t make money...
  • Don't have the support you need...

...you will look for evidence that supports that belief and ignore everything else.

This is when mantras can be extremely helpful and dare I say it....life-changing!

Mantras have been used for centuries to counter unproductive and negative thinking.  Because they invite you into a realm of POSSIBILITY and LOVE.  

The word mantra can be broken down into two parts:

  • Man = thinking mind
  • Tra = to cross over

So mantras are used to cross over - to take you beyond your repetitive, obsessive, and often negative thinking mind into a state of presence and potential.  By repeating mantras, you establish new beliefs - ones that are helpful, inspiring and empowering.

What negative thought cycle would you like to disrupt with a mantra?  Examples are below.  Choose one that resonates with you or create your own.  Just make sure your mantra empowers you and has a positive affect on your day.  Also, make your mantra short so that it's easy to remember and say repeatedly.


  • My talent is in demand
  • I’m a magnet for success
  • I am breaking through barriers
  • I attract the very best
  • This is my time
  • The world needs me to be exactly as I am
  • I give myself permission to slow down
  • I am enough
  • Everything I need is within me
  • I love myself
  • The Universe always provides

When you first start saying your mantra, you won’t believe it because you've believed the opposite of that thought for so long.  But remember, a belief is formed by repeating the thought over and over as well as looking for evidence that supports that belief. 

Repeating your mantra will help you believe it.  And when you believe it, you will live it.

What is your mantra for today?  Share it on social media (and don't forget to tag me at @bravenewyoga so I can give you a shout out!)



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