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Where women supercharge their body, mind, and dreams through a life-changing home yoga practice.

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This unique online membership combines yoga and coaching to help you create more space, balance, and resiliency, both on and off your yoga mat. 

No prior experience with yoga needed.  All levels of experience and ability welcome.

By practicing yoga everyday you will feel stronger, clearer, and more empowered in your body, mind, and heart.

➕ Wouldn’t it be amazing to practice yoga on a regular basis?!  To feel more flexible, strong and balanced!

➕ Picture your day beginning on your mat, waking your body and mind up with nourishing movement, and starting your day with intention and clarity. 

➕ Imagine having time for a daily yoga practice - a practice that helps you release stress and anxiety.

➕ Imagine feeling your body becoming stronger and more agile, your mind becoming clearer and more focused, and your heart becoming more attuned to what you need and want in your life.

All of this is Possible (plus more!) with the Brave New Yoga Membership

Your Membership Includes:

  • Unlimited access to the Video Library, which is home to over 100 on-demand heart-felt and dynamic classes that you can access anytime and from anywhere.

  • 2 *NEW* classes added to the Video Library each and every month (varying in length, style, and focus)

  • A weekly email that will highlight a class from the video library as well as offer you home practice tips, strategies, and loads of inspiration!


This Membership is

Simple, Accessible, and Effective 

And it works for:


Seasoned Practitioners

And Everyone In Between

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"Amanda is a kind and loving coach who is staunchly and enthusiastically committed to helping others integrate yoga into their lives. "


Sara D.
Time to Rise Member, Vermont


I'm Amanda Upton, I'm a registered yoga teacher, certified life coach, and avid learner of how to get out of my own way.  My mission is helping you to feel less stressed, more in control, and deeply connected to who you are and what you want.   

And it all starts...with a consistent home practice. 

For over 17 years I taught yoga classes, workshops, and retreats as well as taught high school age through late adulthood how to overcome self-imposed limits and live a more fulfilling life.

and...for the last 6 years, I've helped my clients

✔️ Develop a consistent yoga practice

✔️ Learn how to listen and respond compassionately to their body, mind, and heart

✔️ Overcome obstacles and achieve goals

✔️ Create a sustainable and revolutionary home practice

I did this work in my yoga studio in Vermont and then once that closed, due to COVID-19, I transitioned my business online where I narrowed my focus on the home practice experience to help women reclaim their space, balance, and energy.

I understand how hard it is to make time for self-care.  I struggled for a long time trying to figure out how to fit yoga into my already full life of parenting, owning a business, being married, and living in rural Vermont.  It was not easy and required a lot of trial and error, self-compassion, and resilience.   

I finally figured it out how to make a daily home practice a reality by implementing multiple tools from the fields of:

  • neuroscience
  • leadership
  • personal mastery
  • business 

Diving deeply into these areas gave me profound understanding about how to implement a daily practice into my life.  

I now have a sustainable practice that evolves with my interests, seasons, and lifestyle.  And I have maintained it amidst the chaos of 2020, parenting, and working from home. 

Having a daily home practice has been incredibly grounding and healing.  My body feels better than it has in years, my mind is more focused, and I am living my life with far greater intention and passion.    

Now, I am eager to share what I have learned with you and help you establish a life-giving home practice that inspires and empowers you on a daily basis.

I am so excited to support you!



"I’ve been practicing Yoga for 17 years, but I’ve always practiced in a studio setting. I’ve been wanting to create a home practice for years, but haven’t had the tools to do so. I joined the Time to Rise community with Amanda in late May and it’s been amazing! Amanda has offered so much guidance and support to create a successful home practice.  I highly recommend this program!"

Julie V.
Time to Rise Member, Arizona

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You could be practicing yoga in less than five minutes!

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Frequently Asked Questions

"I'm so happy that I learned about the Time to Rise program! It's given me structure for a yoga practice that had largely fallen apart with the covid restrictions and is so much more than just taking yoga classes from the internet! 

I've done several of Amanda's live classes, many of the recorded videos, taken advantage of her online coaching sessions and tips, and, most interestingly, have set aside a time, usually just 15 or 20 minutes, each evening for a personal practice.  Inevitably I feel wonderful a lovely peaceful place.

I also feel very connected to the lovely warm community that Amanda has begun."

Nancy L.
Time to Rise Member, Pennsylvania

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