Do you want more time and space just for YOU?

Learn the Step-by-Step Process From Celebrated Teacher and Life Coach Amanda Upton.

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  • Old beliefs about self-care
  • Fits and starts with your self-care practice
  • Trying to figure it out on your own 

Unlike other programs, in Wake Up For Your Life, you will be guided and supported with creating the space in your day-to-day life to take this program on.  

You don’t have to figure that out beforehand. I’m going to help you. 

I will teach you HOW to create dedicated time every morning to take care of your body, mind, heart, and soul.

And you will have me and a sisterhood of mamas to help keep you accountable to your intentions and goals.

Do you ever feel...

One simple act of self-care is not enough?

  • There is no bubble bath that will hush the constant underlying buzz of anxiety.
  • There is no girls-weekend-away that will undo the isolation spent without a village.
  • There is no nap that will revive the energy poured into balancing a career with motherhood.
  • There is no glass of wine that will ease the accumulating effect of stress.


> Tired from not being able to fall asleep or stay asleep....I need to remember to do this and that and ugh I forgot to email so and so back.

> Stressed all of the time...There is just so much to do and not enough time!  

> Anxious...Am I doing this right?  Am I good mother?  What am I doing with my life?  Who am I outside of a mother and a partner?

> Resentful...Everyone needs something from me all of the time. I have no space! 

> Guilt every time you take time for self-care...Am I taking time away from my kids?  Am I neglecting them if I care for myself?

> Burnt out...OMG I am emotionally and physically exhausted from the chronic stress of parenting!

> Hungry for more...I just want to feel more peace and joy in my life.

Maybe you've been told...

A Good Mom is a Self-Sacrificing Mom

  • As mothers, we’ve been conditioned to automatically think that we are neglecting others when we take time and energy to care for ourselves. Even if we have very supportive partners and family members who actively encourage us to love and care for ourselves, it can feel dangerous in moments to actually do so. This is because there is a very strong cultural message that has powerful intergenerational momentum which states that a good mom is a self-sacrificing mom.


Maybe you've seen...

Your Mother or a Caregiver Neglect Themselves

  • Many of us have grown up watching our mothers or caregivers neglect themselves in order to care for their families–not just to care for their children but also to care for their parents and their partners. Many of us have looked on as our mothers and caregivers received praise for their self-neglect and we’ve seen the destruction that their inner deprivation can cause–as it manifests in family dynamics–and within our mothers in the forms of rage, depression, emptiness and bitter resentment.


💛  More Energy.  You want to maintain your energy level so you can do what really matters to you and do it well.

💛  More Joy.  You want to experience a feeling of joy that runs deep and overflows as well as connects you with meaning and purpose.

💛  More Time.  You want to embody a feeling of spaciousness throughout your day and live by the truth that there is plenty of time of everything.

💛  More Creativity.  You are yearning to create with your hands and experience the wildness and freedom of creativity through your body, mind, and heart. 

💛  More Spirituality.  You want to feel inspired, connected, and in alignment with the loving energy of the Universe. 

💛  More Self-Compassion.  You want to dissolve fear and judgment and instead show up for yourself with love.

Hi, I'm Amanda

I'm a Certified Life Coach who's got the compassion and experience to help you:

  • Live with more intention, purpose, peace, and joy.
  • See yourself as worthy of your love, dreams and goals.
  • Model self-empowerment, self-love, and inner value to your children.
  • Ultimately change the story about how mothers care for themselves.

Through my empowering courses and coaching programs I'll guide you with creating a beautiful relationship between your mind, body, and heart...for that you can feel better, have more energy, and stand in your breath-taking power.

I designed WAKE UP FOR YOUR LIFE after years of teaching self-care practices to women and mothers who yearned for more time, space, and freedom.  During that time, I noticed common themes, crucial mindset shifts and important behavioral changes that were beneficial for every client I worked with – no matter how different their lives, bodies, practices and histories.

I discovered that in order for clients to cultivate lasting, positive change when it comes to daily self-care, they needed these four things: KNOWLEDGE, INQUIRY, EXPERIMENTATION (tools + practices) and SUPPORT.

So, I got to work creating a program that included all of those components, a program that encouraged learning and application, a program that was accessible, dependable and relatable – that program is WAKE UP FOR YOUR LIFE.


Enter your name and email to be the first to know when enrollment for Wake Up For Your Life next opens.

Wake Up For Your Life


This program serves as a powerful starting point for a daily self-care practice. It’s also a complete program for anyone who’s already committed to daily self-care but is looking for guidance on how to create a life that is a true reflection of their unique self.

This Program Will Empower You To:

Care for yourself and others with more energy, compassion and love.

Be a happier parent, a more loving partner, and a fully engaged colleague or boss.

Live with more passion, meaning and purpose.

Be a powerful role-model for your children.


12 Group Coaching Sessions

Each week we will come together, in real-time via Zoom, to focus on what’s present for you in terms of the breakthroughs, barriers and circumstances affecting your daily self-care. Plus, I’ll offer coaching recommendations for taking your self-care and relationship with yourself to the next level.

Resources + Materials

Each week you’ll get access to learning materials (videos, teaching, tips, tools and practices) to help you develop a life-changing daily self-care practice. These Wake Up for Your Life materials provide pages of valuable coaching material that is yours to keep for the lifetime of the program. They’re printable and downloadable too.

Community Support

Don't want to wait on the weekly coaching session to hear from me?  Hoping to connect with other mamas on the Wake Up For Your Life journey?  Whether you're looking for advice on how to apply the lessons, having a hard mama day, or simply want to celebrate a self-care win - we'll be there!  Join us in a private community devoted to giving you real-time answers and encouragement too.

“Having an ongoing self-care practice of meditation and movement has helped me navigate some heavy stress. This time for myself has been restorative and has made me a better employee, mom, and wife. 

I also feel stronger both physically and emotionally. The best part is being a part of a mama tribe - it has been so EMPOWERING! I love knowing we are all in this together." -Jennilyn

I want to be a part of a mama tribe!
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In our work together, Geneva experienced: 

  • a deep sense of community with thoughtful women who are in a similar phase of lif
  • patient, generous and kind support
  • time and space to come back to her body, to move, to stretch and release pain
  • laughter and joy!
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"If you are not where you want to be and you're trying to get somewhere else...this [Wake Up For Your Life] is a way to get there." -Rosie

"I was struggling daily with anxiety and after implementing a daily self-care practice with Amanda's amazing guidance I have experienced way more peace and stability in my everyday life. 

Most noticeable is that I am less reactive with my family and have more space to delight in the precious moments of life." 


I want to have less anxiety!


Enter your name and email to be the first to know when enrollment for Wake Up For Your Life next opens.